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Taste It, Love It, Pour It On!

Get Hammered with Hammered Inn Sauce! Add this perfect combination of fresh organically-grown Paper Lantern peppers straight from our gardens, locally-sourced raw honey, peaches, and a beautiful blend of savory spices to every dish! Order now!

What Our Customers Are Saying

"I absolutely love it! It's the perfect amount of sweet and spicy, perfect consistency, and overall lovely blend of flavors. After the first two tastes, I was practically drinking the stuff. I will certainly be buying more within the week. I also looked into your website and wanted to comment how heartwarming it is to see a family embrace the homesteading endeavor with a wholesome and community-centered approach...."

G. Planas

"...I've used Hammered Inn Sauce 4 times in the past 24 hours. My other hot sauces are forming a support group. I'll send video of their first meeting."

R. Macklin

"OK, so I have given away a couple of bottles as gifts and they are DY-NO-MITE hits. Right out of the park. Everyone raves about the sauce. Today I discovered we were out of tartar sauce, which I had planned to put on my fish sandwich at lunch. I took some of your sauce and added about 1:1 of Durkee's Famous Sauce. Forget tartar sauce. This is where it's at!"

T. Fox

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